Janet Borgens

It has been an honor to serve the Redwood City community as a member of City Council since 2015 and during that time, we have experienced remarkable changes. I have maintained my position as an independent decision-maker on the important issues by involving the community in all discussions as we celebrate and at times struggle with change. As a Council member, I will continue to push back on issues I feel are not in the best interest of our community and will strongly support issues that are for the betterment of our City.

I have supported an increase in the minimum wage, the inclusion of affordable housing in all large residential developments, the change in zoning to encourage Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) production, and the strengthening of rental protection policies. I have worked tirelessly on flooding, street cleaning, parking, and homelessness issues. I have advocated for trade schools in partnership with Supervisor Slocum which will lead to more residents pursuing professions with livable wages.

The 2020 election will be our first district election in Redwood City and I will be running for the seat in District 3, where I have lived for 37 years and have experienced neighborhood issues first-hand. (For more on this, go here.) That said, I have also seen the challenges that all our neighborhoods are facing:

•  Cost of housing and an insufficient number of affordable option
•  Building fatigue that comes with building too much, too fast
•  Traffic congestion and investment in infrastructure
•  Parking solutions that are convenient, safe, and affordable

You can count on my continued commitment to our District 3 issues but my sworn duty will be for policies that are for the greater good of Redwood City. I am passionate and not afraid to roll up my sleeves. I will work to pursue developments that support and advance what Redwood City residents ask for most — the support of our families, our neighborhoods, our infrastructure, our economy, and our diversity.

I will continue to support policies that allow our current residents and their families to stay in Redwood City. This includes:

•  More affordable for-sale housing
•  More truly affordable apartments and housing options for families
•  Improved policies to accommodate over-parked neighborhoods
•  Development of plans for alternative modes of transportation
•  Developer accountability for their impacts on our community.
•  We can always do better and we must do better.

I respectfully ask you to choose me to tackle the challenges ahead. I look forward to continuing conversations within our community as we continue to create the City we deserve. Learn more about Janet.

Redwood City

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